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95 acres, River shore, Residential Property


Cadastre:  Lot 33-P, 34-P Rang 4 Canton Despinassy    

Frontage:       Approx. 220 meters

Area:             Approx. 38.46 hectares (95 acres);

Shape:           Irregular




Nice River Laflamme at the end; River shore approximately $120 meters. A nice spot to build a chalet


1/3 surface was cut this winter.
Land Flat; 20% Field; Timbers in the center; Cut along the river


Provincial Road 397

GPS Points

NW:48 46 22.73N, 77 26 26.4W


Hunting paradise for Moose, Bear, Canadian Goose, Grouse, Ducks and all fur animals like Beaver, Mink etc. To know more about hunting: Quebec Natural and Forestal Resources


In Canada, you can claim mining rights from government. Please go to the site to see details http://www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca/english/mines/index.jsp

Closest city About 38 miles to big city Amos

Annual Taxes

Approximately $90.00

Price: US$ 24,000


Financing: Owner Financing at annual interest rate 8% up to 5 years with down payment $5,000. 10% discount for cash sale.


$1,000 is required to start the procedures within via bank transfer, cashier's check, money order or any major credit card through PayPal (Our Paypal account: canadianland@videotron.ca), which will be treated as part of your down payment.


The whole transactions are protected by Notaries¨ Chamber. For more information, you can visit Notaries¨ Chamber . In Quebec, the notary represents both buyer and seller and guarantees personally a clear title of the property without back taxes and liens.












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