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Paradise Island, Lake Abitibi, Camp, Canada
Lease tacitly renewal, inheritable, governmental


This is a straight cash sale transaction! Only $19,000 for transferring a tacitly renewal, inheritable, governmental lease of the island, including a camp 24 by 16 feet.


Island Number 130, Lake Abitibi, Lease number 801881 with Natural Resources and Wildlife Ministry


Canton Roquemaure, Lake Abitibi, Qu└bec, Canada


Approximately 3-4 acres


16¨ by 24¨, well-constructed


13 miles navigable from public marina Gallichan


Ideal place for fishing

Annual Fees

Approximately CAD$200+$16 due in the 1st of July.

Closest Municipality

Roquemaure, 13 miles navigable on Lake Abitibi

Designation: Island Number 130, Lake Abitibi, Lease number 801881 with Natural Resources and Wildlife Ministry.


Localization: Canton Roquemaure, Lake Abitibi, Qu└bec, Canada; approximately 3-4 acres; 1 mile away from the limit of Ontario.

















Closest city: The property is 13 miles navigable from the township Roquemaure and another 12 miles from Roquemaure to big city La Sarre. The township Roquemaure is well structured and very properly laid out. Please visit http://www.ville.lasarre.qc.ca/ to see the albums of beautiful La Sarre.


Camp: Measured 16 feet by 24 feet. The exterior was finished by painted hardboard; The interior by plywood on the wall and floor, the ceiling by 4¨ by 8¨ cardboard. Half is isolated for winter. Looks well constructed. There is a 12V sun electricity system working well. Your price includes the purchase of this camp.









Lake: Lake Abitibi is the biggest lake in Quebec province.


Fishing: A dream becoming true for fisherman to fish at your island.


Direction to Island: Visit Mapquest to get the location of La Sarre. Then you take road 393 south for about 12 miles up to Chemin Galichan, then turn right for another 3 miles  to the Public Marina Gallichan. The property is at navigable at 12 miles from Lake Abitibi. Please check to road map to see detailed directions.




GPS Points: 32D12 coord. North 85500 East 09900 (48 36 52.2N, 79 30 30.5W)


Tourism: Abitibi-Ouest is a land of wide open spaces, rich forests and spectacular lakes and rivers. Here you will find boundless horizons over a broad, gently rolling plateau of rich clay soil. This spacious landscape was sculpted by the advance and retreat of the glaciers of the last Ice Age several millennia ago´´ You could visit Abitibi and La Sarre Welcome you!


Payment method $1,000 is required to start the procedures via bank transfer, cashier's check, money order or any major credit card through PayPal (Our Paypal account: canadianland@videotron.ca), which will be imputed as part of your payment. The balance of payment is due at the signature of contract. You could wire your fund to the Notary in Trust or to us directly.


Annual Fees: Approximately CAD$216, payable to the Minister in advance on the first of July each year.


Transferal of Leases: Should the LESSEE wish to transfer the lease, he or she must notify the MINISTER of the name and address of the new LESSEE with a written document signed by the current and new LESSEES, or provide any legal document confirming the transfer.


Inheritability: Should the LESSEE die, if the building on the leased land is not subject to a sale by order of the court, a sale for unpaid taxes, the MINISTER shall transfer the lease to his or her heir.

Clear here to have a Sample of Lease. If you cannot open it, please click here to download Acrobat Reader.

The whole transactions are protected by Notaries¨ Chamber. For more information, you can visit Notaries¨ Chamber . In Quebec, the notary represents both buyer and seller and guarantees personally a clear title of the property without back taxes and liens.

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