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104 acres Timbers, Permit to build, Hunting Paradise in Canada



Lot 7 Rang 5 Canton Bearn

Area of Land

104.88 acres (42.46 hectares)

Land Features

100% forestal; Flat; Soil 98% productive.

Timbers Timber rights come with the property. Cut last winter. $3000 net timbers left on the property (10 voyages poplar).
Utilities Electricity at 2.5km away


Chemin Hamel


Creek passing through the end of property; Nice lake 1800 feet away on the neighbor crown.


Ideal place for hunting


Yes; Famous skiing resort in Canada

Annual Taxes


Closest Township

St-Domique-Du-Rosaire, 4 miles

Closest Big City

Amos, 14 miles



Lot:                Lot 7 Rang 5

Cadastre:        Canton Bearn

Municipality:    St-Domique-Du-Rosaire

MRC:              Abitibi

Frontage:        858 feet ( 261.52 meters)

Depth:            Approx. feet (Approx. meters)

Area:              104.88 acres (42.46 hectares)

Shape:            Rectangle



Closest city: The property is located 4 miles from township St-Domique-Du-Rosaire, 14 miles from big city Amos. Please visit web sit to see beautiful Amos.








Zoning: This lot is non-agricultural zoning. That means there is no provincial restriction on buying and selling as well as subdivision. You have the permit to build a house or a mobile house.

Rivers/Creek: Creek passing through the end of property; Nice lake 1800 feet away on the neighbor crown.





Timbers: Timber rights come with the property. Cut last winter; $3000 net timbers left on the property (10 voyages poplar). Flat; Soil 98% productive.


In Quebec, the government is subsidizing the land management for private owners. That means you could give the management of your land to Societe Sylvicole after the purchase, which is subsided by government to help private owner of land to growth their forestal production. They prepare managing plan, do the works if the owner agree and get paid by government. The works they are doing are: trees plantation, cleaning bush etc.







North: Lot 7 Rang 6; Crown

South: Lot 7 Rang 4; Crown

East:   Lot 8 Rang 5; Private

West:  Lot 6 Rang 5; Crown


Mining rights:  In Canada, you can claim mining rights from government. Please go to the site to see details http://www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca/english/mines/index.jsp


Hunting: This area is well known to be one of the best areas for hunting and special proximate to the service. You can hunt Moose, Bear, Canadian Goose, Grouse, Ducks and all fur animals like Beaver, Mink etc. You could go to the site http://www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca/english/publications/online/wildlife/hunting-regulations/index.asp to see the details of hunting season and hunting permit.


Snowmobile: In the city of Amos, there is a lot of exciting winter activities. Abitibi is a very famous skiing resort in Canada. You can go to website of The Quebec Ski Area Association (ASSQ).


Direction to Land: Visit Mapquest to get the location of Amos. The property is on the North of Amos at approx. 14 miles away. You can take highway 109 north up to Chemin Hamel, the entry of the property. Please check on the road map to see details.



GPS Points:

SW:48 46 41.23N, 78 11 5.91W

SE:48 46 41.23N, 78 10 53.41W

NW:48 47 34.16N, 78 11 5.91W

NE:48 47 34.16N, 78 10 53.41W


Tourism: Abitibi-Ouest is a land of wide open spaces, rich forests and spectacular lakes and rivers. Here you will find boundless horizons over a broad, gently rolling plateau of rich clay soil. This spacious landscape was sculpted by the advance and retreat of the glaciers of the last Ice Age several millennia ago´´ You could visit Abitibi and La Sarre Welcome you!


Payment method

$1,000 is required to start the procedures within via bank transfer, cashier's check, money order or any major credit card through PayPal (Our Paypal account: canadianland@videotron.ca), which will be treated as part of your payment. The balance of payment is due at the signature of contract. You could wire your fund to the Notary in Trust or to us directly.


Annual Fees: Approximately CAD$90. Municipal taxes were paid until Dec 31, 2007 and school taxes until June 30, 2008.


The whole transactions are protected by Notaries¨ Chamber. For more information, you can visit Notaries¨ Chamber . In Quebec, the notary represents both buyer and seller and guarantees personally a clear title of the property without back taxes and liens.


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