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 Property Info

- Canada Asset No:
   Lot 13B and 14B Rang 5 Canton Palmarolle

- Location:
  Abitibi, Qu¨¦bec, Canada

- Lot Size:
  97 acres (39.25 hectares)

- House

- River

- Utilities:

- Roads:

- Timbers

- Hunting

- Snowmobile:

- Annual Taxes:

- Zoning:

- Dues:

- Closest Town:
  Palmarolle, 3 miles

- Closest City:
   La Sarre,9 miles

97 acres River, Timbers, Navigable Lake Abitibi

Sale Price: CAD$14,900

Parcel localisation: The 100 acres land is located in the township of Palmarolle, in the Abitibi area, Quebec Province, Canada. The address of property is Lot 13B and 14B Rang 5 Canton Palmarolle.

Closest city: The property is 3 mile from the township of Palmarolle and 9 miles away from big city La Sarre. Please visit web sit to see beautiful La Sarre.

Zoning: This lot is agricultural zoning. That means only Quebec resident or person who has intention to be a Quebec resident is eligible of buying

Utilities: No.

Timbers and plantation: Timbers rights come with property. The timber is cut this winter for 1/3 surface.

Rivers and Lakes: This property is limited by River Cachee on the south, which is about half a mile long. From River Cachee, you could navigate to Lake Abitibi, which is the biggest lake in Abitibi. Half of the Lake Abitibi locats in Quebec and half in Ontario.

Mining rights:  In Canada, you can claim mining rights from government. Please go to the site to see details http://www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca/english/mines/index.jsp

Hunting: The area is well known to be one of the best areas for Moose hunting. You can also hunt Bear, Canadian Goose, Grouse, Ducks and all fur animals like Beaver, Mink etc. You could go to the site http://www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca/english/publications/online/wildlife/hunting-regulations/index.asp to see the details of hunting season and hunting permit.

Snowmobile:. In the city of La Sarre, there is a lot of exciting winter activities. Please visit web site of La Sarre. Abitibi is a very famous skiing resort in Canada. You can go to website of The Quebec Ski Area Association (ASSQ).  

Direction to Land: Direction to Land: Visit Mapquest to get the location of La Sarre. The property is on the south west of La Sarre at 9 miles away. You can take road 393 south and then Chemin 4e et 5e Rangs.

Access: You have Chemin 4e et 5e Rangs on the south of property, which belongs to the Municipality. In Summer time, you also could navigate to the property through Lake Abitibi.

GPS Points:


48 38 27.79N, 79 15 25.11W


48 38 8.93N 79 15 0W


48 38 46.49N, 79 15 25.11W


48 38 46.23N, 79 15 0W


These GPS points are calculated based on the forestal map.


- Welcome tax:

The buyer is going to receive a one time Quebec Land Transfer Tax in later on after being registered as the owner of the property. The amount is calculated as 0.5% of the higher of appraisal price and the purchase price.

- Annual Municipal tax and school tax: $76.32

The whole transactions are protected by Notaries¡¯ Chamber. For more information, you can visit Notaries¡¯ Chamber . In Quebec, the notary represents both buyer and seller and guarantees personally a clear title of the property without back taxes and liens.

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