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Frequently Asked Questions




Buying Property In Canada - The Rules And Regulations!

The bottom line is that buying property in Canada is very easy. From a bureaucratic standpoint, as long as you don’t plan to become a landed immigrant, buying land is probably easier than it would be at home. It takes much less time to complete the sale on a property as we do not have an escrow period on purchases. From a residency point of view, if you plan to stay in Canada for 6 months or less each year, the government considers you a tourist or non-resident. That means you can do just about anything – open a bank account, buy land or a car etc. American's who purchase property can come to Canada for a total of 6 months. These visits can be cumulative - 2 weeks here, 4 weeks there etc. You do not have to come for a consecutive 6 month period. This means that you can own a second home in Canada and visit it as you wish. If you plan to live in Canada for more than 6 months annually, you have to apply for immigrant status.


You could place an offer by filling in the form of Promise of Purchase. You need to send us your name and permanent address by email and we will prepare the form to be signed and send to you by mail.


After filling the form, you could fax or scan your signed Promise of Purchase to our email. The original is needed to be returned to us by mail to the following address:


Canadian Land Properties

7427 rue St-Andre

Montreal, QC H2R 2P8 CANADA

Tel: (514)510-4603, 1-866-218-5882

Fax: (514)303-6070, 1-866-210-9233

Email: canadianland@videotron.ca


Once offer is accepted, we will reserve the property for 5 days up to 2 weeks waiting for the deposit.


The financing is done through the owner of the property at a fixed interest rate 8%. Terms to be determined from 1 to 10 years. Title will be transferred when your payments have been added up to $5000. An email will be sent out to you indicating number of mandate and the contact information of notary.


  • Send the deposit with the amount required

  • Fill in the information required by notary

  • Mandate the notary - As soon as we receive the deposit, we will start to prepare the mandate to the notary.

  • Review contract and notarize the power of attorney - Normally, in 2 or 3 weeks after the date of mandate, they will send you the contract and power of attorney for revision.

  • Close the deal and register the title


We guarantee a clear title without liens and back taxes for all the properties selling except for the owner’s liens for owner financing purpose. Provided the title is not clear or the reason to withdraw the transaction is at our side, the deposit will be 100% reimbursed to the customer.


Otherwise, 100% refundable if the notary has not started their jobs, or a deduction of CAD$700 plus the interest and damages if the notary already started their jobs.

Money order, cahier's check payable to:


Canadian Land Properties

7427 rue St-Andre

Montreal, QC H2R 2P8 CANADA

Bank transfer (information provided as request)

Paypal to canadianland@videotron.ca.


Note: Paypal account is only used for the first deposit no greater than $1000. Customers are subject to 2.9% Paypal fees provided using Paypal for installment payments.


From the date of mandate, 2-3 weeks for the notary to do the research job and prepare the contract.


Another 1-2 weeks for the customer to send back the power of attorney along with the balance of down payment. This period depends on the customer.


Approximate another week for the notary to close the deal and register the title, once receiving the signature from both parties.

Then the notary will register your title, and send a registered document to each party.


Notary is a public officer who receives and writes the contract, obligations, testament, transactions and other voluntary act as well as official deed.


The neutrality and official deed characterizes the notary, which is different from the role of lawyer. The lawyer is not a public officer, defending the interests uniquely for his customers. The lawyer is impartial. 


The notary will stand neutrally when he receives the mandate, by doing all the search jobs to ensure there is no back taxes and liens on the property. He guarantee personally a clear title to the buyer, and bound by the Quebec Notary Chamber


The Chamber of notaries of Québec is a professional order which groups together the 3,200 or so notaries of the province. As in the case of the other professional orders, its principal purpose is to ensure the protection of the public which has recourse to the services of its members.

Site: http://www.cdnq.org/en/protectionDuPublic/mission.html


As soon as we receive the deposit, we will start to prepare the mandate to the notary. The notary will start the research job. Below is the information required by the notary:

  1. Buyer(s)'s name:_________________________

  2. Address:________________________________

  3. Date of birth:____________________________

  4. Status:_________________________________

  5. Telephone and fax number_________________

  6. Email address____________________________

  7. Occupation______________________________

  8. If married, the date of marriage, place of marriage, marriage contract number, spouse name, date of birth and spouse's occupation______________________________

  9. If married, any asset separation agreement with the spouse.


You could send your fund to the Notary in Trust determined with a certified check or bank draft. Don’t forget to inform so that we could follow your file.


Agricultural zoning land could be only sold to Quebec residents or person who has intention to be a Quebec resident within 2 years!

  • Limitations to build and subdivide;

  • Right of build automatically for more than 247 acres.




Not subject to the Law and Regulations of Protection of Agricultural Zoning of Quebec. No limitation on buying, selling and subdivision at provincial level for foreigners.


For the exact zoning, you need to communicate with local municipality, such as residential, commercial, industrial, forestal zoning etc.


In Quebec, the government is subsidizing the land management for private owners. That means you could give the management of your land to Societe Sylvicole after the purchase, which is subsided by government to help private owner of land to growth their forestal production. They prepare managing plan, do the works if the owner agree and get paid by government. The works they are doing are: trees plantation, cleaning bush etc.




Canadian Land Properties

Address: 7427 rue St-Andre, Montreal, QC H2R 2P8 CANADA
Fax:(514)303-6070, 866-210-9233
Email: canadianland@videotron.ca